V.A.T Relief

Are you registered with Alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy?

If yes, you could be eligible to purchase wigs without paying the V.A.T (Value Added Tax) and save 20% on the purchase price. This applies to UK customers only.  *Excludes any wig already reduced and advertised as a discontinued style.

You are only entitled to VAT relief on the recommended retail price for wigs only as set out by HMRC. Accessories, hairpieces and hair care products are not subject to zero rating of V.A.T. Any official or additional, original documentation you supply to us in order to validate your zero rated V.A.T claim, will be returned to you (E.g. NHS forms or doctors certificates). We can accept a photo copy of the original.

*NOTE* We have to have an actual signed copy of the V.A.T relief form, as this is a legal requirement as set out by HMRC.

For further details and to check your entitlement to V.A.T relief on wigs, please call us on 01382 520866