Wig FAQ’s


What is the quality of your wigs and hair pieces?
Our wigs are of the highest quality manufactured using state of the art technology and unrivalled hand-making skills. If you would like to know more about the components of our wigs, please take a look at some more FAQ’s detailed below.

How comfortable is it wearing a wig?
You will be amazed, how comfortable your wig will be. Most people forget they are wearing one; except, that is, when they catch a glimpse and see how fantastic it looks.

Will my wig or hair replacement look natural?
Absolutely! Your wig or hairpiece will be undetectable. Modern synthetic hair systems are almost identical in look to natural hair.Maybe you have chosen a “real hair” wig or piece? Either way you will look completely natural.

How secure will my wig or hair piece be?
Very secure, depending on whether you have chosen a wig or a hair piece, there are different methods of securing. We will advise you of how best to do this when you meet with us or our partners.

Will my ready-to-wear wig fit?
Modern wigs have developed over the years to take into account a variety of head sizes and shapes. Using modern materials and shaping techniques you can be sure they almost certainly will. In addition however wigs do have some adjustment options that will ensure they fit comfortably and securely.

Will other people notice a change?
That depends entirely on you, if you want to go for a style that is very similar to your own hair, then they will probably only notice that you hair looks thicker. However, you may decide to be bold, going for a look that is completely different, then, of course, they will definitely notice! Then again, why not?  If your’e going for a completely new you, flaunt it!

How do I maintain my wig or hair piece?
Modern fibre wigs or hair pieces are so easy to maintain yourself, just wash in luke warm water, with PH neutral shampoo, every ten days or so, and dry with a hair dryer on “cold” setting, or just let it dry naturally. For best results we can let you have specially formulated shampoos, and sprays; designed to kind to your hairpiece and you. Order from us at the same time as your wig.

Monofilament wigs
“Monofilament”, is the description given to a super-advanced technology which uses a combination of materials giving the look of a natural scalp with individual hairs growing from the scalp like material. A “monofilament” cap mimics precisely a human scalp, looking so natural its impossible to tell its not real. The lightweight breathable material on the cap, allows heat and moisture to escape, ensuring maximum comfort.

Not found your answer?
We get asked all the time about hair systems, so its highly unlikely we will not have the answer to a question you may have. If you still have a question, then give us a call on 01382 520866 or email us on help@healthcare-europe.co.uk we will be very happy to help.